Our Services
Criminal Defense in State and Federal Courts

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Willis have extensive experience and background in both State and Federal Court. For anyone charged with a crime it is a very, very serious matter. Each case deserves and receives the full, coordinated attention of these lawyers together with prompt and regular communication with the client.  

Mr. Willis have handled a wide variety of charges ranging from controlled substance or drug violations, fraud or theft accusations, traffic homicide and driving under the influence (DUI).  

Mr. Willis also have extensive experience in the Federal Court system handling mail or wire fraud, healthcare fraud, computer related offenses, financial crimes, conspiracy and Federal drug violations.  
Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Matters

The firm also has extensive experience in the handling of personal injury or wrongful death claims. The firm does not advertise and instead relies upon referrals by former clients and other lawyers. Each potential claim is carefully evaluated and the client fully informed of the prospects for success before any case is accepted for representation. Once the firm undertakes representation it assumes full responsibility for the investigation and litigation of the claim, including retention of any necessary experts or other persons with particularized expertise. Unlike the firms that regularly advertise, the firm is selective in the cases that it agrees to represent so the claims will receive the level of attention they deserve.
Medical and Legal Licensure Defense

Over the years, the firm has also developed extensive expertise in the handling of licensure defense, especially the defense of lawyers facing Florida Bar investigation or complaints and physicians or doctors facing administrative or regulatory action toward their medical licenses.  

IRS Matters

Advising and defending, including audits, collections, civil and criminal investigations

Advising and representing Debtors and Creditors in Bankruptcy matters, including adversary proceedings, tax discharge, disputes and planning.

Estates, Wills and Trusts

Personal financial planning, gift, estate and personal income tax for end of life or legacy planning.

Estate and Trust Administration and Defense

Assisting in or advising on Will and Trust contests, disputes or in administration matters.
Guardianship Administration and Defense

Assisting in or advising in setting up, administration and contests or disputes in Guardianship proceedings.

Seal/Expunge of Criminal Records

The sealing and expungement process is designed so it can be done without the assistance of an attorney. But, it can be a difficult process to navigate or there may be extenuating circumstances that complicate the matter. We will review your circumstances to determine your eligibility for the sealing or expunging of your criminal record and, if you qualify, we will handle all portions of the process, up to and including any Court hearing that may be necessary.
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